Dan Nash and Marco Farris at Merchant Moonshine

If you haven’t seen Dan Nash and Marco Farris perform, as a blues fan, you really are missing out!

On Saturday 27th April we travelled down to London to see Dan and Marco perform at the Merchant House just off Bow Lane.

The Merchant House is a speakeasy hidden down a little alley. Once you open the main entrance you are guided to a door on your right and down a staircase to the basement. As you take your decent, the space opens up into a wonderfully dimly lit cocktail bar. It has a quirky layout, with the bar in the middle and seating all around. We treated ourselves to a couple of cocktails which were absolutely scrumptious! This place sure does have that blues feel and we highly recommend if you find yourself in London!

Dan has a pure blues voice and as with all great blues musicians, to truly understand the tone of what they are singing, you need to be able to see the twinkle in his eye.

Marco is an unbelievable harmonica player. Very talented and such a humble personality. We had the pleasure of chatting to him during the break and Paul was gleaning harp playing tips from him…so watch this space at the club and listen for him playing along to the music.

We danced all night next to these two wonderful musicians and what a privilege to be able to do so.

A few photos from our trip…

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